5 Ways to Get Calming Energy Faster

We all have our fair share of moments when we feel overwhelmed or over-aroused. It could be a result of negative thoughts or having too many responsibilities calling your name. It is easy to give in and let the anxiety take over. However, with the right tools and strategies, you can keep things from spiraling out of control. Here are some ways to get that calming energy faster:

Try food that relieves stress

Food can help you beat stress faster. For example, green tea is an herbal tonic that helps minimize the body’s stress responses. Making yourself a cup of green tea when you start to feel overwhelmed will calm your nerves and help you relax. You could also try some dark chocolate. It will help reduce stress and boost your brain health, making it easier to kick your duties and your day. The beauty is that dark chocolate has less sugar. You do not have to worry about the calories. There are many other foods that can help you beat stress and boost your mental activity including oatmeal, asparagus, Salmon, tuna, berries and oysters to name a few.


Some alone time away from everyone and everything contributing to your stress will bring you closer to calm. When the anxiety is getting to you, find a place where you can enjoy your privacy and ease off the pressure.Better even, use meditation techniques to clear your mind whenever you start to feel overwhelmed. Mediation does not have to be a month-long retreat with zen-loving yogis. That is not the only way to gain some serenity and clear your mind.

You can find minute-long meditation and visualization techniques. Take a moment to meditate before meetings that tend to get on your nerves. We also tend to hold our breath when anxious, even without our knowledge. Hyperventilating, holding your breath, or taking shallow breaths increases your body’s stress response. Connect with your breath. Take slow but full breaths to get you back to a more relaxed state.

You could also try acupressure to help do away with some of the anxiety. It may seem ironic to use pressure to ease the pressure, but it does work. Acupressure stimulates your body’s natural healing process and can help relieve tension.

Use some essential oils

Essential oils like lavender will calm you down by stimulating the brain cell activity in the amygdala. The effect is akin to the relaxing one from sedatives. The molecules from the essential oils will interact with your hormones, bringing a soothing effect. Aromatherapy can offer a calming effect when feeling overwhelmed and your mind is all over the place.

Try Cannabis tinctures

CBD can help ease depression, eliminate sleep trouble, and lower anxiety levels. Taking them in a holistic approach to managing stress. You can try out cannabis tinctures to calm your nerves and help you feel relaxed. This is often a wonderful alternative to pain medications and recovery supplements. The beauty is that CBD is naturally non-intoxicating whilst it can help you get that calming energy. It also does have anti-Inflammatory, muscle healing, and pain relief properties.


Science has proven that you can eliminate the burnout from your daily hustle and bustle by getting your heart rate up. A little exercise will get your blood and endorphins flowing. It will beat the stress and get the energy to tackle your pending tasks.

Wrapping up

The hustles of everyday life make anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed a typical sighting for most people. Fortunately, there are potent ways to keep the stress off, making it easier to enjoy your life.

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