6 Ideal Gifts to Surprise Your Stoner Friend on Their Birthday

Cannabis has become increasingly popular in our culture today. The ‘Devil’s lettuce’ has made its way into numerous creative aspects such as fashion, decor, literature, and food. Stoners can attest to the multiple benefits of indulging in this plant and can’t be more excited to see the rise of cannabis-themed items and gifts. If you have a stoner friend whose birthday is around the corner, here is a list of weed-themed gifts to surprise them on their special day.

Leaf-inspired jewellery

Accessories are an excellent way to take your outfit from drab to fab. If you have a stoner friend who is also into fashion, we suggest getting them a necklace with a bedazzled weed pendant. We guarantee they will love it and wear it as often as possible, assuming it won’t stay glued to their necks! As you purchase the jewellery, consider their favourite colour and personal style.

Weed gardening guide

If you give a man a fish, you feed him for one day. However, if you teach him how to fish, you can feed him for a lifetime. A weed gardening guide is an excellent gift for your stoner friend with a green thumb and a bit of extra real estate. With this guide, they can finally grow their own stash and make money on the side selling their produce. They can help supplement those trips to the dealer!

AAAA Weed!

You can also gift your buddy some premium-level weed, otherwise referred to as AAAA Weed! This is the grade that will rank top in the likes of THC or CBD content, the general look and feel, or rather, the bud size, trichome, and the likes. Find top shelf weed vendors online and pick a product that your friend will like. Of course, your friend will appreciate the premium quality!

Cannabis infusion device

People have gotten creative over the years with how they consume cannabis. We know of cannabis edibles such as cookies and gummies, which you could buy at the store. Technology has also evolved, and developers have developed infusing devices that allow stoners to make their own potent treats at home. Perhaps you can get your stoner friend this culinary device and let them have a blast experimenting with various cuisines while infusing their favourite plant.

Joint holder

Lighting a joint is fun until you are left with the lingering aroma on your fingertips. While some people might have no problem with the scent, others might like to enjoy a smoke without having to deal with weedy fingertips. A joint holder is an excellent way to solve this problem for your stoner friend while giving them a chic way to smoke.

Wrapping up

Birthdays are an excellent time to show your friend that you care and appreciate having them in your life, especially if you give them something you know they’ll enjoy. As you have seen, there are plenty of gifts you can offer your stoner friend apart from more weed. Since weed lovers have tremendous diversity, you are bound to find something you know your friend will love.

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