Asthma – Causes, Effect, and Solutions

Asthma is a disease in which there is a problem in breathing and asthma happens especially in children and teenagers. With this disease, children get cough, wheeze, and shortness of breath.

Causes of asthma

Some researchers have considered asthma occurs due to some

  1. Environmental factors,
  2. Gene factors other factors.
  3. Many types of substances live in the air that affects health.


Exercise induced Asthma

Most of the times asthma occurs when children or teens exercise. But many people live in the world who suffer from asthma when during exercise or after it and this is the called asthma-induced exercise.

In other words, we can say this occurs due to a mixture of environmental substances apart from that genes is also cause it.

The second reason is that the person who has overweight can suffer from it. They need to lose weight quickly ASAP.


Effect of asthma

  • A person who suffers from asthma has a hard time when he takes a breath because while his breathing his airways become narrower and the airways that are there are completely filled with mucus. Mucus and Swell irritate to airways and that’s why it becomes difficult to breathing.
  • When asthma became very bad, then flare-ups start in children.  
  • While symptoms of asthma get worse day by day then kids suffer from the flare-ups. When the airways narrow, and became more irritated and inflamed than the earlier, then flare-ups occur.
  • While flare-ups kids would be troubled by many types of problems like difficulty in breathing, his chest became tight, his heartbeat became fast, and an asthma kid can trouble with cough.
  • It can happen suddenly in a kid and can get worse suddenly if he doesn’t take his asthma medicine. Some flare-ups can be serious suddenly.
  • Here is we can include one thing more that is triggers, triggers basically those things that bring on a flare-up in a kid that is called triggers. The trigger is different from person to person. But it happens to all common people.
  • Some common triggers like allergens, pet dander, respiratory infections, colds, weather conditions, etc.

Allergen that are most common asthma trigger

Some very common allergens that can asthma trigger like dust miles, cockroach, pollen, and animal dander these are the common allergen.

Cockroaches have shed body parts and they have also saliva that harms kids. Cockroaches drop their saliva in the human body that triggers asthma.

Dust mites – these are microscopic bugs, they live in our home. These dust mites eat our skin shed. They live in our bedroom.

Pollen– basically pollen is a fine powder which is made by some plant. It is made when plants are reproducing.

The flare-ups can minimum at home or they can avoid if we are aware of some important things

To avoid flare-ups people should clean their area and make dust-free his area and home.

Remove rugs and carpet or it can clean from time to time or change it as much as possible.

You should always clean your bathroom, damp areas, basement, laundry room, daily clean all of these.


If one wants relief from asthma very soon then he should take medicine prescribed by the doctor.

The medicine helps children take breath easily, it would lessen his swollen, it would improve his airways narrower and irritation.

Asthma medicine has two types of categories.  The first is quick-relief medicine and the second is long-term control medicine.

  • Quick-relief medicine is relief immediately. This medicine is especially, given for open airways and to get relief from cough, breathing, etc.
  • Long-term control medicine is to control mucus, it makes it easy to airways and helps in prevent asthma symptoms it also relaxes muscles.


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