How to make your own feminized seeds using colloidal silver

Did you know that there’s a link between colloidal silver and feminized seeds?

Growing marijuana from home is an exciting endeavor, no matter your skill level. One issue that often crops up when using regular seeds is the potential for male flowers that ruin your yields.

To eliminate this issue, cannabis cultivators have worked out how to make female cannabis seeds with colloidal silver. As a result, marijuana growers can expect higher quality yields and more bud for their buck.

So, how does this metal-infused solution change the gender of a weed plant?

Here, we walk you through how this process works, along with the steps required for you to do it at home.

Let’s dig in.

How does colloidal silver make feminized seeds?

Before we get stuck into the specific steps required for using colloidal silver for feminized seeds, it helps to understand the science.

For starters, cannabis buds are only produced by female plants. Male crops don’t grow weed but instead pollinate the females and force them to make seeds. 

Colloidal silver is a solution of distilled water and pure silver. The metal particles in the liquid are so microscopic that organic cells can utilize them. Many people use this solution as a natural treatment and prevention of infections, thanks to its ability to kill viruses and bacteria.

Spraying colloidal silver on the leaves of a female cannabis plant can prevent it from making any male seeds. The ions in this metal-infused solution stop the production of ethylene in crops and force them to make pollen sacs.

Cultivators can take the female pollen sacs and apply them to other flower-bearing plants. These crops then develop marijuana seeds as usual but with one big difference. The combination of female genetics and female pollen ensures feminized seeds every time.

This process needs to be repeated over multiple days to guarantee success.

Cultivators also need to use colloidal silver with a ppm rating of 30 or higher for this technique to be effective.

Finding a source to buy a quality solution can sometimes be difficult. As a result, many cannabis cultivators end up making colloidal silver for feminized seeds.

Creating colloidal silver at home is also a simple process, requiring distilled water, a form of pure silver, and a 9-volt battery. There are also kits that cultivators can buy that come complete with all the ingredients needed to make this solution.

It’s also worth noting that any cannabis that you spray with colloidal silver is no longer safe for consumption. Some growers work around this by only applying the solution to the lower branches, rendering the top section usable.

The trick to using this technique is understanding that only parts that come in contact with this solution are affected. Cultivators can even spray colloidal silver on one half of a cannabis plant to pollinate the other side.

Colloidal silver isn’t the only way to eliminate male crops from your garden. Cannabis cultivators can also use a method known as rodelization to guarantee female plants. It involves leaving a female plant to become stressed and pollinate itself.

The only problem with this alternative option is that there’s a high chance of failure. You need to ensure the plant in question is completely secluded from any other pollen.

Most experienced cultivators pick the colloidal silver route because it offers more chances of success. It’s also easier to perform and promises faster results.

How to make feminized weed seeds using colloidal silver

Now that you’re a bit more familiar with how everything works, it’s time to start making feminized seeds with colloidal silver.

Before you can begin this procedure, you’ll need one of your female crops to begin flowering. You’ll know it’s the right moment when you flip the lights to a 12/12 schedule.

Below, we walk you through the process of using colloidal silver on female crops.

  1. Move your selected female plant to an area away from other crops.
  1. Fill a spray bottle with colloidal silver that has a rating of 30ppm or more.
  1. Apply the solution to the leaves on your marijuana plant every day for 10–14 days.
  1. After 3–6 weeks, crops should have fully developed pollen sacs overflowing with female genetics.
  1. Remove the mature pollen sacs from your crops with sharp scissors.
  1. Leave the sacs in a cool, dark area for 5–7 days to dry.
  1. Empty the female pollen into a secure container by shaking the sacs.

Once you’ve collected the female pollen, store it or apply it to other feminized crops. 

When these plants begin to flower, they’ll only produce female seeds that you can collect and use for future harvests.

Preparing for the future

When it comes to improving the size of your cannabis yields, it’s hard to ignore the possibilities of colloidal silver and feminized seeds.

By simply spraying this metal-infused solution onto flowering crops, you’re able to make an endless supply of flower-bearing plants.

There are a few disadvantages to using this process, such as rendering the marijuana on a plant unusable once it’s sprayed. However, the advantages of using colloidal silver outweigh the negatives in the long run.

You could always skip this process entirely and buy feminized seeds from a reputable online dispensary. Choose from a wide selection of incredible strains and get advice on how to grow potent weed every time.

Cortney Bennett

Cortney Bennett, a pharmacist at I49 Seed Bank, with 5+ years in the pharmacy field regarding cannabis. Cortney constantly upgrades her knowledge and skills in the weed industry. She has learned the characteristics of the different marijuana types and their effects on the human body in detail. Her constant thirst for knowledge allows her to stay up to date with all the latest research and discoveries in the cannabis field.

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