How To Prep For Wintery Blues For Better Mental Health?

Now that we’re on the last leg of the summer of 2022, all of us have just one prevalent emotion. We love that the heat is coming to an end, but will surely miss the long, bright days. This feeling of missing the sun also brings about a classic case of Seasonal Depression, which can wreak havoc on your schedule. Since these are the most productive months of our year post-vacation, getting back to work and school can be met with resistance, especially for adults. Luckily, there are several remedies you can use to help you get through the transition! Find our top five below!

  1. Get regular exercise: When it is cold, exercise is the last thing on the mind but the most important element of mental health. Your brain needs dopamine that can be provided through a sense of achievement that comes from fitness. Make time to work your body every day, it will also help you stay warm!
  • Surround yourself with comforting things: Seasonal Depression is a tricky slope because everyone has a different trigger. If yours arise out of certain memories that make you take a walk into memory lane, surround yourself with comforting things that keep you in the present. However, if your symptoms arise from a feeling of deep nostalgia, take comfort in soothing habits that help you honor your memories to feel better.
  • Take vitamin supplements: One of the common problems we overlook is the lack of nutrition in our system. Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble nutrient that is found in selective products like meat and leafy greens. However, if you lead a plant-based lifestyle, you may not get enough of it daily. This can cause a deficiency, which also triggers nervous system dysfunction and mental health disorders. By replenishing your B12 levels along with D3, you can stay mentally sharp and physically fit through these seasons.
  • Use CBD oil to soothe nerves: If you feel anxious or your body contains too much nervous energy during such shifts, CBD may help you. Packed with calming properties, CBD oil can help you heal your nervous system. Using the help of Dillon Colorado Dispensaries and their managers, you can find the best concentrate and product for your needs. With regular doses administered, you will be able to feel peaceful and calm to function well throughout the day. Be it insomnia, depressive episodes, mental blocks, or others, you can.
  • Try aromatherapy: The human mind is a brilliant instrument that can help you heal your anxieties and seasonal change depression. With the power of aromatherapy, you can use essential oils that can help heal the intermittent symptoms of SAD. For instance, lemongrass essential oil with sandalwood can bring up feelings of positivity. For motivation, use a combination of citrus and ocean breeze to help you focus. The best way to come up with our own personal combinations would be to read about the various properties associated with these oils and fragrances.

Wrapping Up:

Seasons shifting is the most natural phenomenon, but we aren’t immune to the emotional response it brings up. Rather than waiting for the phase to end, look after yourself and nurture your body during such a time. You’ll find it pays off well in the long run!

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