Prima Weight Loss Pills UK Reviews [Hidden Truth Exposed 2023] Is Really Lose Weight or Scam? Read UK, and Ireland Customer Reviews

What do you need to know about Prima Weight Loss Pills UK before you buy it? Are these new weight loss capsules effective or just a time waste? Why it is trending in the UK, is this a dragons den product? What about the UK (United Kingdom) customers’ reviews and experience with Prima Weight Loss Pills? Read this full review from top to bottom for full information.

Prima Weight Loss Pills UK
Where to buy Prima Weight Loss Pills UK?▶️ Official Website Only
Can I get it on Amazon?NO
Is it a scam?⛔️No
Reviews and Ratings⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️4.7/5.0
Our OpinionRecommended for weight loss
Ingredients🌿HCA, L-Carnitine, and L-arginine
Dosage?Take 1 capsule each day
Side Effects❌None

Prima Weight Loss Pills has been a trendy tablet in “UK” for their claims and buzz. With a lot of wild claims by many sites and channels and reviews on the Prima Weight Loss Pills UK website, let’s take a look at the real-life proof.

keep reading this Honest dietitian’s Prima Weight Loss Pills UK Reviews!

Prima Weight Loss Pills UK Reviews – An overview

A fat body is a very big and common health issue among people. And many people go extremes to get rid of their excess body fat. This is why there are countless weight loss tablets on the market.

Prima Weight Loss Pills is one of them which floats in the UK market and claims to help in fat loss. Helps to increase the metabolic rate of the body, suppress hunger, and many more.

So, let’s see what is it all about, and also our product test of 30 days for Prima Weight Loss Pills.


What is Prima Weight Loss?

What is Prima Weight Loss

Without wasting time, and keeping everything clear, in simple words the Prima Weight Loss Pills are tablets that help to lose excess fat. Ummmmm… The weight loss pills are made by Prima which is registered in the Netherlands.

The supplement is exclusively sold on its official website (

The supplement is a natural weight loss formula, or we can write that this is a fat loss tablet that helps to cut down excess body fat.

The main highlight of this weight loss capsule is its 3 ingredients, and all the ingredients present in it are clinically proven for their weight loss effects. There are many Prima Weight Loss Pills UK Reviews.

So, keeping all on the bucket list, the Prima Weight Loss Pills is a blend of some effective ingredients that can help with excess body fat and may give fat loss results.

Here are put everything transparent with our readers, and we appreciate that the Prima Weight Loss Pills shares everything transparent with us, so we can do this review and test without any issues.

So, who is behind this Prima Weight Loss Pills UK supplement?

Behind these weight loss pills, is a Netherlands-registered company that made this. The company name is Prima, which is obvious.

The company sells its weight loss pills in the UK, Germany, and several other counties. Here are the details of Prima:

Return and return address:


Radioweg 24, 1324 KP Almere, Netherlands

Commercial register number: 74768816

VAT ID: NL860019494B01

TEL: + 31 (0) 20 7670552

Registered address:

Premium Health Europe B.V. Zuideinde 79, 1121DD Landsmeer, Netherlands


What is Prima Weight Loss Pills Dragons Den? Is this backed by a dragon’s den?

Dragons Den

Well, we shared the complete information about the seller, and yes we did deep research for it. And we found that a lot of people are linking Prima weight loss pills with dragon’s den.

Dragons Den is a UK famous show, where new ideas and entrepreneurs get funds for their ideas and product. Same theme as Shark Tank.

But, one thing that we need to clear is that Prima weight loss UK pills are not linked with dragons’ den. Even dragons den never featured any weight loss pills like this.

If anyone is selling any found any page where you see Prima weight loss pills and dragons den image, run from that page. The page is made to scam you.

Prima Weight Loss Pills UK in Test – We have tested the product [30 days results]

In the wake of exploring such a great amount about these weight loss pills, we were curious as to whether you can truly lose your weight reasonably with the help of the Prima weight loss pills. What preferred method for testing this over with a self-test? For our readers, we bought it from the official website ( One of our followers or readers Jenny accepted to test this on herself. Jenny has extra fat on his thigh and belly area, and she was a working lady, she has little time for diet and exercise.

She was excited to test these weight loss pills because she always wanted to lose her belly and thigh fat. With her consent, we started Prima Weight Loss Pills UK Test. During the period of the test, we need to figure out how the Prima Weight Loss Pills work and whether you can truly get in shape with this dietary supplement.

Here are 30 days results of Jenny;

  • Day 1: On 1st April 2022, Jenny came to our office, and sign the agreement for the test procedure of Prima weight loss pills. She agreed to follow the recommended dosage given by the seller and no change in her daily routine. Initially, her weight was 75kg.
  • Day 15: In the first 14 days, our test individual Jenny took one case consistently. Currently, after the primary week, Jenny noticed that her craving for food was less, she felt full, and she was getting fit. She was too happy to let us know that she lost 2 kg.
  • Day 30: Now we were at the end of our Prima weight loss pills UK test and reaching a conclusion, and we were excited to see and want to know her full journey after 30 days. She had lost almost 5 kg’s in a month – without changing her routine, no change in diet and all. The Prima Weight loss tablets successfully worked and Jenny saw a change in her body weight. Since she has not exactly contacted her ideal weight yet, she was happy and decide to continue the pills.
Prima Weight Loss Pills UK in Test

Other UK customer reviews on Prima Weight Loss tablets

What do different customers review on Prima weight loss pills/tablets? You may want to know other customer reviews, so you can easily find them on the internet, also on Prima Weight loss Pill’s official website ( Numerous customers affirm their results with us – the Prima weight loss pills assist with weight reduction, suppress hunger, and keep energetic.

UK customer reviews on Prima Weight Loss tablets

Jack from SAWLEY, UK: Hello folks, I had the issue of a bad lifestyle, eating excess food, and could do without any exercises sort of sports. Due to this my weight developed, and brought many problems in my life, like laziness, and poor energy.

A companion informed me about a buzzing weight loss supplement the Prima weight loss Pills, which also helped him with lessening his weight. So, I went through my companion’s suggestion, and what would it be a good idea for me I say: I’m really happy with the results of what I got from the use of Prima weight loss tablets. Totally recommendable!

Leslie: Same issue I had, I gained weight recently. So, I searched for many things to reduce it which help in to get slim and fit rapidly. And I must say, the experience with the Prima weight loss capsules was great. I shed pounds and started feeling full, with no more hunger. I believe it’s an extraordinary item!

We read many reviews on it, but now let’s come to some information about this weight-loss dietary supplement.


What are the ingredients of Prima weight loss pills? Are they effective?

So, what is actually used to make these amazing weight loss tablets, well there are 3 key ingredients that are used in Prima weight loss pills.

The ingredients are as follows;

Garcinia cambogia Extract:

Garcinia cambogia Extract

It is one of the popular ingredients in weight loss. It is taken from a fruit known as Garcinia gummi-gutta or Malabar tamarind. And the fruit peel has been used to extract HCA (hydroxycitric acid). The HCA in it is helpful in many ways.

1 – The Garcinia cambogia is known for its appetite-suppressing benefits, the HCA present in Garcinia cambogia helps to keep the user feeling full, and reduce the hunger level.

2- It also found that the ingredient may block fat production and helps to reduce belly fat.

L – Arginine:

L – Arginine

L-Arginine is a fundamental amino corrosive that the body uses to construct a protein. Besides, it additionally works on the cell’s metabolic cycle and supplements the muscle-building process. Furthermore, L-Arginine supports body strength and has execution upgrading impacts. This helps to start the fat-burning process quickly.



It is also an amino acid compound that can be seen in the fat digestion of the human body. The nutrient-like substance has a vehicle work and is expected to move long-chain unsaturated fats from the circulation system into the mitochondria (burning heaters of the cells). In the mitochondria, the unsaturated fats are singed for energy. In case of a lack, the body rather goes to proteins.

These are the key Prima Weight loss Pills Ingredients. There are some other ingredients also used, Below I have shared them:

Ingredients: L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Magnesium Stearate, Talcum, Gelatin Capsules

How do the Prima weight loss pills work? How does it help in weight loss?

As we have seen the Prima weight loss pills ingredients, we can say the choices of ingredients are good. The Garcinia Cambogia is a powerful fat burner known for its weight loss benefit. Garcinia controls fats and keeps an abundance of sugar and starches from transforming into fats.

The other ingredients of Prima Weight Loss such as L-Carnitine, and L-Arginine praises the fat-consuming cycle and fills the deficiency of fat with muscles. By restricting the activities of greasy tissues, amino acids guarantee there are no new stores of fats in the body. In this way, you get more fit while keeping a solid and fit body shape.

Read: Prima Kapseln Abnehmen Erfahrungen

What are the main benefits of Prima weight loss capsules?

Now let’s see the benefits of the Prima weight loss pills,

benefits of Prima weight loss capsules

Support weight loss: The first and most attractive benefit of this supplement. The Prima weight loss pills UK is made to support the fat loss process. It has known and effective ingredients that boost the metabolism of the user and burn fat.

Boost energy: This is the second health benefit that makes this product more attractive. The fat loss process of Prima weight loss pills does a unique thing, the process uses fat to create energy. So, it will make you a more energetic and fresher feel.

Suppress the appetite: The weight loss tablet uses HCA which is known for its appetite-suppressing benefit. The HCA increases serotonin and makes the user feel full, resulting in the user starting to feel less hungry.

What about the Prima weight loss pill’s side effects? Is this safe to use?

Side effects and possible risks should not be ignored. Prima Weight Loss Capsules had side effects that I researched. It is a dietary supplement that does not contain any synthetic drugs all are 100% natural. The side effects of synthetic drugs are eliminated because it uses natural ingredients.

The good thing is that no website reported any side effects. As per the Prima Weight Loss pills, customers have also reported good tolerability, very less side effects, and that they are easy to get under control in just a few days.

But, if anyone has an allergic problem with ingredients, may cause allergy issues. So, consult a professional before using it.

Prima weight loss tablet dosage and uses?

There are 30 tablets that come in the Prima weight loss Box. But one thing you must know is that you should not exceed the recommended dose, as you could experience any side effects. If you’re already taking a treatment, notify your doctor.

Prima Weight Loss Pills are easy to use, this a tablets, and the label states that you must take one pill per day.

One capsule is enough for weight loss because the Prima is a powerful Weight Loss Pills formula and this is the reason it is a demanding product in the UK.

How much do Prima weight loss pills cost in the UK?

Each box of Prima weight loss pills is designed to last for one month. However, pricing can vary depending on how many boxes are purchased at any given moment.

  • 1 month’s supply cost £54.95/for each box
  • 2 month’s supply cost £39.47/for each box
  • 3 Month Supply cost £34.98/each box

Where to buy Prima weight loss pills in the UK?

To keep it fresh, this product isn’t available in your local shop or store. It is possible to order the product online easily.

  1. Just check the official website (
  2. After reaching the official website, fill in your weight and your target and height, and age.
  3. Then the Prima weight loss official website provides the best package as per your details.
  4. Choose that and pay with your card.
  5. Within 4-6 business days, your order will be delivered.


Prima weight loss pills UK

Prima weight loss pills are a good option for weight loss and an effective way to lose body fat. Being overweight is not limited to your looks, it also increases the risk of many health issues such as heart disease or diabetes and.

So, using a natural product like this weight loss capsule will help you quickly lose weight. Prima weight loss capsules are well tolerated and can help you reach your ideal weight. It has 3 key components that are proven for their weight loss benefits and is free from any major side effects.


Can I see Prima weight loss pills on dragons den?

No, you can’t see it on dragons den show, because they never featured it on their show. It is just a rumor that the Prima weight loss pills were in the dragons den.

Is there any Prima weight loss pills discount code?

No, right now, there is no discount code, but you can make the price in installments with Klarna.

What are the prima weight loss Trustpilot reviews?

Well, first of all right now the prima weight loss pills UK are not listed on Trustpilot. So, don’t ask for it. Trustpilot is a review portal, where companies get reviews from their customers. But yes, the German page is there, you can read the reviews on Trustpilot here

Is there any prima weight loss scam?

No, the product is a legit formula and is recommended. There is no scam with it.

Can I buy it from Australia?

No, the product is only available in the UK, it is available in many countries, but not available in Australia.

Can I buy prima weight loss Pills on amazon?

No, the product is only present on the official website (

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