Privacy Policy

Who are we?

We’re a team that works to gather data on the supplement and provide details about the supplement. On this website, we offer reviews of supplements that is is legitimate or a huge fraud. If we discover a product with the sole purpose of earning money, we won’t hesitate to reveal that it is a huge fraud.

What personal information do we gather and for what purpose?

At this site, we gather some of your usual data to enhance our site’s performance and content. this website. What kinds of information do we gather? On this website, there is no requirement to sign up for or establish any type of account. That’s the reason we don’t gather any personal information like names or other kinds of information. Certain of the products available on this site might be associated with certain networks however we don’t directly sell these products. We do not gather any credit or debit card data.

On this site, we will collect some data in order to improve our website’s performance as well as to give users a more secure experience. For more details, you can contact us.

The type of data that we collect on this website…


There is a category on our website to collect comments from visitors to the website. This allows us to learn what they are searching to find and seeking the answer or solution to a particular issue. If you leave comments on the website, we gather the information from the form for comments and reply to them. If you post a comment on this website, you can choose to save your name and email address, as well as the URL that is not required in cookies. We offer this feature to ease your life to ensure that you don’t need to enter your details every time you make a comment on another occasion. The offer is valid for one year.


We gather certain types of cookies to enhance the experience you have on our site and to provide you with an enhanced experience. Cookies collected will be kept for a specific period of time which may be for period of time, which could be as long as a few days.


We take some of the page-experience data from visitors to this site in order to improve the user experience on this website better and more enjoyable. We track the point at which visitors arrive on this website and the details of their experiences on the site. Your information on this site is safe and there is no need to post a comment or receive answers to questions regarding us or the supplements.