Shocking Things About 4 Sanitary Pads In India [Know Worst to Best]

1. Sanitary Pads

Sanitary Pads

Every 28 days every woman goes through what is called her menstrual periods. But which sanitary pad the women use?it is extremely important to use which is the right product. Which is not only safe but also comfortable practical budget-friendly. so what should be used to make your period a happy period Tampons?

It is extremely popular in western countries tampons are fast becoming a thing among Indian women who prefer an active lifestyle? Once they are as carted do not give you a bad feeling but that’s at cost of health. More so tampons so costly than sanitary napkins. the average cost of one period would be around Rs 120 the third type of product cloth pads

2. Cloth pads

Cloth pads

These are washable pad which can be reused and have an average life is around 3 years. but the problem of them needs to accept hassle to wash them every time before they can be reused and worse the cloth pad should be changed every 4 if you are a working woman a cloth pad is that inconvenient for you. Indian woman since has ages have used cloth during their menses. there was a huge marketing campaigning aim that discouraging stop that using cloth pads as it makes cause many types of diseases. it fairly throws .so make sure that your sundry them every time after washing. sunlight is the best way to sterilize the pads for reuse. 1 cloth pad cost would be around Rs 250 and you would probably need at least four to get one period. if they last for three years the average cost of one period just Rs 27. and the coming pads Biodegradable pads.

3. Biodegradable pads

Biodegradable pads

these are much safer to use as they are made using natural fibers like Bamboo, manana, cotton, & corn. there are not bleach harmful die oxine realizing glorying. they are free from artificial fragrances and they are not harsh chemical since they are toxin-free as well work without causing any rashes and irritation. that comes at price one biodegradable pad is around Rs 13 asper and making the cost per periods is Rs 116. and moving the final product which is the Menstrual cup.

4. Menstrual cup

Menstrual cup

Recently gained some acceptance among Indian women. the approach use menstrual cup is rather unique, instead, it absorbing the blood, it collects them. once inserted the menstrual cup creates a vacuum and u will not even feel your periods.

Actually, one problem with the menstrual cup is that women why using it often forget about it. it made up of medical-grade silicone which is inert, safe material that does not react with the body. so hardly any chance of rashes or infections every pad will need to change 4-6 hours. but the menstrual cup needs to be removed only once in 8-12 hours depending on the flow. all over there is no hassle of finding the place throws pads.

Once boat the cup will easily last to 5-7 years. one amazing thing that women discover once they start using a Menstrual cup, is that their menstrual blood doesn’t stink. a menstrual cup is the crat vacuum there is no longer issue. well, it is one of those products that way is better than most products in the market. but its x/7 price of commercial price. a menstrual cup price around Rs 500. it stays with you a minimum of 5 years which so an average of one period cost is around Rs 8.

As free of them making color cup just for the aesthetic purpose which can actually harm the body. colorless Menstrual cups avoid this issue. for the first time, it uses you need to place it for 10 minutes in boiling water. the only problem that women encounter with the menstrual cup is fear of inserting it. a study shows it, 91% of women after using it for just two cycles that they would continuously stick out. After using it simply put it in hot water for 15-20 minutes air dry and pack it in a cloth. that comes a lot until next time.

it can be used at any age become in a large small and medium-size as is recommended .a menstrual cup is a great option it considers and it easy for women’s periods.

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