The Benefits Of Stretching Before Engaging In Any Exercise

Living through the past 2 ½ years has been a complete nightmare for most of us and we were unable to live our normal lives because we were forced to stay indoors and distance ourselves from people who were not immediate family members. Thankfully we seem to be coming to the end of it all and so now it’s time to get back into shape because you have gained an incredible amount of weight and this is the direction to go, in order to protect both your physical and mental health.

It’s likely that you are keen to start back into your old routine, but the thing to remember here is that you haven’t properly exercised in quite some time, so your muscles and your tendons will not be as limber and strong as they used to be. This is why you need to make a visit to your local physiotherapist for some much-needed physiotherapy because you just don’t go to see your health practitioner when you are injured. You’ve always been told from a very young age to address issues before they become much bigger problems and the same applies when it comes to your physical health. Once you enjoy a visit to your local physiotherapist where they will give you excellent advice, then you need to start stretching a lot more before you begin working out again.

The following are some of the excellent reasons why you always need to stretch first before you work out.

  • Reduces your chance of injury – Your physiotherapist will have told you this already, but it’s important to remind you that you need to be incredibly flexible before you begin to engage in your normal workout. It’s all about increasing your range of motion by going through stretching motions so that your body is ready for what lies ahead so that you can lose weight.
  • It reduces stress – The stress I am talking about here is the stress within your muscles and tendons. If you take the time to stretch properly then your whole body will feel less stressed and this allows your muscles to really relax. If your body is constantly tense then it isn’t going to experience good oxygen circulation and your muscles will suffer as a direct result.
  • It prepares your heart and body – It would be unwise to start an exercise routine quickly without any prior preparation and this is what your stretching routine is for. You are telling your body that you’re going to be working out soon and so this allows your heart to get ready for the next 30 to 45 minutes of your exercise routine even on vacation. It also helps to promote circulation because you need blood supply going to your muscles and tendons in order to be able to move your body properly.

All of this stretching is done to lower your risk of injury so you won’t suffer from things like back pain and pain that you experience after you exercise. After a particularly rigorous workout, it is important that you stretch out your muscles immediately so that you aren’t suffering tomorrow.

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