USA: DEA confirms CBD is legal, but what does the science say?


Despite euphoric forecasts, the US market will remain challenging for the time being. Because despite the partial opening of the market in some states, cannabis is illegal under US federal law.

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In the United States, cannabidiol rush

The legalization of industrial hemp in 2018 resulted in a boom in cannabidiol (CBD) products. Bearer of hope or source of danger, this substance divides! 

Let’s take the example of Gail Hepworth as she gazes at large crates of hemp flowers stacked in a huge storage room at the back of her farmhouse. 

Here at Hepworth Farms in rural New York, she and her twin sister Amy are at the forefront of a revolution. 

In addition to tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflowers, and other fruits and vegetables, these two energetic farmers decided last year to engage the family farm founded in the 19th century in the cultivation of industrial hemp, a plant from which we can extract cannabidiol (CBD), a substance also found in cannabis.

Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), also found in hemp, CBD does not give those who consume it a “high” feeling. Instead, it is better endowed with anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties and is associated with supposed therapeutic benefits. 

It would thus make it possible to fight against stress, anxiety, pain, nausea, and other widespread ailments. Moreover, in a country that is among the most affected by stress globally, the market is potentially huge: CBD products should represent 22 billion dollars in 2022, according to the company’s estimated market researcher Brightfield Group.

It was enough to convince Hepworth Farms, located in a region where farmers are struggling to make ends meet, to launch a cooperative with other local farms to promote hemp cultivation, “the plant of the people,” as Amy Hepworth calls it, as this plant can change the world! It can usher farmers into a new economy and a new health paradigm,” says Gail.


The FDA was taken by surprise.

The legalization of hemp by Donald Trump in December 2018 made CBD products, which already existed before, much more accessible. Ointments, oils, pills, suppositories, candies, drinks, chocolate bars, teas, lubricating gels, and other merchandise grew and appeared on the shelves of grocery stores, wellness stores, gas stations, and pharmacies.

Entire channels devoted to these products have also sprung up in just over a year. However, none of them has been formally approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the administration responsible for health, taken aback by this rush.

Only the authorities have validated Epidiolex, a drug developed to treat two rare forms of epilepsy in children. “Our health care system is terrible. So consumers are looking for alternatives to traditional drugs, which generate a lot of side effects,” said Claire McCormack, editor at the digital media Beauty Independent.

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Settled between Iowa and Colorado, the Campbell family has tempted two years ago. 

Beth, a single mother of an autistic boy who had panic attacks and suffered from sleep disturbances, got into it first. Then, seeing positive effects on herself and her child, she converted her father, Richard, a former bus driver who suffers from joint pain.

“I’ve had a lot less pain since then. I was able to become more active, lose weight,” says the 67-year-old. He, in turn, convinces his parents of 87 and 90 years.

Beth can’t hold back a few tears talking about CBD. “It has improved the quality of life for our family. My son can finally be himself. As a musician, he was afraid to go on stage. It’s no longer the case now. It gave me hope.”

Legal cannabis: Everyone wants to get into business

Another factor of instability: entrepreneurs, farmers, and other players in this new market are also waiting to know the recent changes!

In November, the FDA raised concerns about the impact of cumulative CBD intake on “vulnerable populations such as children or pregnant or breastfeeding women” and warned consumers.

New York City, where shops specializing in CBD have flourished, recently banned restaurants and bars from serving CBD edibles, such as teas, cocktails, or coffees, sprinkled with cannabidiol.

Distributors ask for clear rules as we don’t know all the final decisions yet. Any CBD legislation could help know which products to focus on, as explained by a merchandise manager at a supermarket chain that got into CBD last year.

We are at the top of the wave. Everyone wants to get into this business. But three-quarters of players don’t know what they’re doing!

Only 20% of the benefits of CBD are known. They are already huge, but more studies are needed, but you can already access and order the best CBD products online… what are you waiting for?

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