VivaSlim Simple Promise Formula Review (New Scam) | 8 Amazing Facts!

VivaSlim is a Simple Promise weight-loss Formula that claims to provide natural fat loss. But is this really effective, this VivaSlim Review help to clear every point about this solution. So stay tuned with this review to gain all information.

Official Website:

  • Company Name: Simple Promise
  • Price: $49
  • Side Effects: No major side effects

Are you searching for an effective supplement that can help to reduce the unwanted fat from the body?

Are you also one of those who are just suffering the life not enjoying neither feeling performing. So, then be with this post to know more about the thing that is responsible for storing fat layers on the body.

Fat problem

And to know what are the reasons behind not able to reduce it?

Today there are a lot of supplements available in the market but not all of them are trustworthy and you cannot achieve your desired shape easily and satisfied results.

If some of them fulfill such things then also have an issue of unwanted symptoms that also cannot be ignored.

So what about if I recommend you a natural supplement for weight loss that has a weight loss guarantee for a very long time of 1 year.

It may be a shocking fact but now it is available for you and for all people like you who are suffering from high-level fat.

VivaSlim is the supplement that I am talking about. We have chosen this supplement to recommend you.

The good thing is that there is nothing to worry about because the supplement is made with 100% natural components that are powerful and have a big role in the case of weight loss.

So be with this VivaSlim Review till the end to understand the all factors that are the reasons the manufacturers have taken all the big risks and providing the users a very long 365 days money-back guarantee.

1. What is VivaSlim Simple Promise?

VivaSlim Reviews

VivaSlim is a guaranteed weight loss program that helps individuals to start getting rid of unwanted stubborn fat in the body.

This is a committed program to help individuals to reduce fat and start getting an attractive shape of the body.

Everything takes time and when you are losing weight with natural supplement and naturally then its must take time.

There is no fog the supplement is effective and helps you to reduce fat with time. I do not say that you will reduce fat in some weeks like other scammers.

Any big thing takes time and VivaSlim will also take time. It can take some months but keep in mind that results will be natural and reliable.

You should not worry about any type of risk due to the use of the supplement because it is risk-free. You have not to worry about the harms of opposite symptoms neither of your money.

The supplement has worked for a lot of individuals to start life with fun. Now it’s your turn to grab the supplement for today neither the price of the supplement may be increased or it will be stock out so you should act as soon as possible.

The supplement is made in the USA. The supplement has tons of benefits, it does not only help to reduce fat of the body but also supports metabolism, improves the immune system, and increases energy level.

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2. What are the ingredients of the VivaSlim?

The high-level and powerful ingredients of the supplement are responsible for the satisfying results and the manufacturer is providing a long 365 days money-back guarantee. You just have to take two drops of the supplement and it will start the process.

The supplement has been made a blend of the top-performing components that can start the process easily and without the risk of side effects. The included natural components of the supplement are…

L-Ornithine: It makes the body most powerful to start burning fat naturally. It detoxifies the body and maintains lean muscles.

L-Carnitine: This component has been found in a lot of big meta-analyses that it has worked to lose more part of the fat of the body.

L-Arginine: It is a well-known component in any natural weight loss supplement that helps to melt fat from all stubborn areas of the body.

L-Glutamine: It is a type of Amino Acid that helps to lead to significant weight loss and even better insulin regulation. The component has a big role to keep the continuity of the weight loss process.

Maca Root: It is also a well-known and approved weight loss supplement that is used in VivaSlim. It will start the journey of fat burning naturally.

Beta-Alanine: The component is effective to help maintain lean muscle mass and boosting energy levels. The supplement helps the users to burn more fat while resting also.

African Plum Bark: The component helps to eliminate brain fog, reduce inflammation, and decrease stress levels.

Astragalus: It is the component that helps to lower bad cholesterol and boost good cholesterol. It also supports a healthy immune system so that you feel energetic and active.

Niacin: Niacin is known as a cholesterol treatment supplement because it is rich in Vitamin B3. The component helps to boost good cholesterol and lowers triglycerides.

3. What are the benefits of the supplement for the body?

You can start the process of melting unwanted fat from the body but for that, you will have to regularly use the VivaSlim Weight Loss Formula.

The supplement has multiple benefits and is designed for all aged people. It a suitable for every adult person who is suffering from the issue and frustration of high-level fat.

Satisfied results
  • The supplement helps to start reducing fat from the stubborn areas.
  • It supports the immune system.
  • It can boost good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol in the body.
  • It burns fat and increases energy levels.
  • The supplement is made in the USA.
  • You will get a 365 days money-back guarantee.

4. How does Simple Promise VivaSlim supplement work?

It is an impressive supplement that helps to start burning fat from the body. You can take it directly dropping it on your tongue or mix it in water to enjoy as a tasty treat drink.

You will have to drop 2 drops directly in your tongue to experience the taste of goodness to enjoy the rapid fat burn.

Or you have an issue with directly holding under your tongue then you can mix up to 10 drops in water and enjoy it.

The supplement is beneficial in various conditions such as melt stubborn fat, reduce skin wrinkles and boost good cholesterol.

The supplement helps to control food carving, enhances the growth of healthy and strong hair, and allows you to sleep well at night. The plenty of benefits from the supplement you will start with regular and proper use.

5. How to use the supplement?

The supplement is in form of liquid so that it will be easy to use and absorbed by the body easily.

You can use the supplement in various ways. You just have to take a daily dose so that your body can get the essential nutrients daily and continuously.

You can hold 2 drops of VivaSlim directly under your tongue to ensure it the absorbed by the body receptors easily.

You can also mix it in your drink of water but in this condition, you will have to increase the dosage of the supplement.

It is filled with natural substances to easily and naturally improve the process of fat burning and make you slim and energetic after some days of use. It will help you to slim down waistline circumstances effortlessly.

Keep in mind that if you are taking the supplement directly under your tongue.

And then you will have to take only 2 drops but if you are taking it by mixing it into the water then you will have to take about 10 drops of the supplement at least 3 times a day.

The supplement is effective to start burning fat cells of the body that are you have not imagined ever.

The natural process of weight loss will be started easily and naturally with the proper use. You just will have to be continuous to get satisfying results.

6. Is there any Scam with this weight loss formula?

Not at all! the product is not a scam. There are some points that make it a legit product;

  • This is made by a well-known organization: Simple Promise
  • VivaSlim is made under an FDA approved lab
  • It comes at an effective price
  • There are fewer VivaSlim Negative Reviews.
  • Also, taking not any extra charges from the customer.

7. What is the price of VivaSlim?

The price of the supplement is not so high as compared to other supplements that are a good sign of the supplement.

price of VivaSlim

Most supplements charge very much and do not deliver satisfying results. You will have to visit the official website of the supplement to get the offers.

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Currently, it is available at a very low price that you would not have imagined. You can get the supplement with 365 days money-back guarantee at the price of $31 only for every single bottle. So what are the types of offers that you will get according to the current offers?

You will have to pay $49 if you purchase only a single bottle of VivaSlim with free shipping.

But if you are passionate and committed to getting rid of extra layers of the body then I suggest you choose the bundle pack of 6 bottles at the lowest price and achieve satisfying results.

Here is also another offer among single and 6 bottles pack that is the pack of 3 bottles. You will have to pay $39/each bottle with the bundle pack of 3 bottles. This pack is also covered with a 365 days satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Now here is the best pack that can change your life along with your physical look.

The pack of 6 bottles can help you to get rid of unwanted fat forever and even naturally. The price of the pack of 6 bottles of $31/ each. The single bottle is the dose of one month.

You will have to spend only $1 each day to get rid of a lot of complications, frustrations, stress, low confidence, shyness because of the only reason of overweight.

Now it depends on you that what you want to do. It’s your turn to grab the long-time guaranteed program.

8. Where to buy VivaSlim?

You can get the supplement directly from the official website and start the journey of weight loss. I will not say that it is a miracle supplement neither that you will reduce fat overnight. Any big change takes time nothing is easy.

Simple Promise Vivaslim Official Logo

People perform very hard work to keep their bodies in a leaner shape. But I am recommending this supplement because of many reasons that cannot be avoided and may be you not found in another supplement.

Some of the top signs are all ingredients of the supplement are natural, a lot of users have achieved the results that you can see their opinion on the official website.

It is available at a very low price, and risk-free because you are getting a 365 days satisfaction money-back guarantee.

So if you are interested in your health and want to melt down the unwanted layers of fat from the body to feel confidential then it is the right time to get the supplement from the official website.

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