What are the side effects of various drugs on the body?

Drugs are one of the most hazardous substances one can ever see. There are various medicines, some intake by mouth, some injected, and some smelled. While the rest are also dangerous, Injecting drugs has a lot of impacts on physical, mental, and emotional health. Some injected drugs like heroin, cocaine, and opioids have serious long-term side effects on the human body. Injecting drugs is very dangerous because it leads to quick addiction. This affects the body in the worst possible way, making it very hard to recover.

What are the side effects of various drugs on the body?

The side effects of injecting drugs are so gruesome. It affects the brain badly and has a significant impact on the body. The brain naturally releases endorphins, making the human body feel happy and calm, masking the pain. Same with injected drugs also give the same feeling as the naturally released endorphins. It provides the momentary feel-good factor. So one becomes addicted to this superficial feeling maker, and a day without it can make a person go crazier. 

With artificial mood swings that one gets with the injection of drugs actually damage the brain, making it lose the ability to function correctly. When brain function is impaired, the body starts to see the other side effects of injecting drugs apart from damaging the Brain.

The side effects are:

● Memory loss 

● Confusion

● Paranoia

● Hallucinations

● Depression 

● Suicidal thoughts

● Aggression and erratic behavior

● Weak muscles

● Loss of senses

● Weight loss

● Seizures

● Chest pains

● Weak nervous system

● Menstrual problems in women

The side effects of injecting drugs can be seen when it damages the brain, the nervous system, and mental health. If it is left untreated, it will start to cause harm to other parts of the body. For example, the weaker the muscles, the harder it becomes to walk or move around. Getting out of bed, cooking, cleaning, going to the office will become hard. Injected drugs like heroin can cause a residue buildup in the body’s blood vessels affecting the kidneys, liver, and lungs with severe infections. 

What are the Treatments to recover from the effects of injected drugs?

The most important treatment to get over the addiction to injected drugs is self-control. If the person cannot force them to, keep them in rehab or confined to a particular place where there are no available drugs. The person might throw a fit, show extreme anger, etc. But don’t let them use the drugs. Also, having said that always be in touch with a professor. This might look easy, but without professional help, it won’t be that easy. The person needs a drug detox immediately, so go to the nearby detox rehab and discuss it in detail. The rehab center can give the clients access to certified professionals and various addiction treatment programs. 

The professionals can help by setting up a drug and alcohol detox program for the client. This will surely help those who are dealing with painful withdrawal symptoms. Injecting drugs quickly leads to addiction which needs to stop. There are professional therapists, IOP, and PHP programs to help one get rid of drugs and get over the withdrawal symptoms. The IOP is a treatment program where the person can go home daily after treatment. While PHP is the program that leads the person to stay in the center until one recover. 

What are the steps to recover from drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a big issue to deal with. It doesn’t go away with time; it increases the use with time. Recovering from drug abuse takes a lot of time, and it solely depends upon the individual and the treatment. Apart from the treatment at the rehabilitation center, one can always look for various methods to stay away from drugs. One can surround himself with supportive people from the family, friends, and loved ones. Constantly finding reasons to be happy and busy, focusing on new goals, new hobbies are one of the most critical factors. Take time to indulge in hardcore or light Exercises and participate in various programs. One should always eat healthily and drink a lot of fluids and prior meditation. Indulge a lot of time with friends, family, and loved ones, go trekking or on outings, and be in a comfortable space. 

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