What is Physiotherapy?


Painkillers are the most common treatment to relieve discomfort or weakness. But unfortunately, such pain often results in joint stiffness, leading to more painful body movements. And opting for painkillers always only gives you temporary relief and a harmful outcome in the long run. So physiotherapy in Edmonton South is a much better option to treat your health condition through strengthening and mobility exercises. A trained, skilled, and experienced physiotherapist helps you evaluate and treat any functioning problem caused due to any injury, disability, or medical condition.

How Does a Physical Therapy Session Help You In Various Health Conditions?

It helps in reducing pain

Conditions like arthritis, tendinitis, or any sprain/strain in muscle have been treated well through physical therapy sessions. Different techniques like soft tissue mobilization therapies and modalities like US, TENS, or IFT help reduce the pain. In this manner, the strengthening exercises help return to the routine once the pain is decreased.

Improves overall strength and coordination

physical therapist plays an essential role in the pre and post-operative rehabilitation of the patient. After surgery, the movement is hampered, so a therapist makes sure you return to your daily lifestyle activities at the earliest opportunity. In addition, a therapist will guide you with specific strengthening exercises before and after surgery as per your condition. Special exercises help improve muscle strength and coordination in conditions like vertigo.

Manages and prevents sports injuries

A trained professional must attend to common sports injuries like an ACL tear, golfer’s elbow, or muscle strain like hamstrings. They will provide exercises and treatments that give you symptomatic relief and improve endurance. Suppose you are a sportsperson or athlete. In that case, regular physiotherapy sessions will help improve muscle strength, reduce chances of injury, improve flexibility, and improve your game performance.

Helps in stroke recovery

Critical care is required for the patients during the stroke recovery phase. An expert will help you gain your sense of direction, mobility, and balance through regular physical therapy sessions. Special breathing exercise programs also help improve lung capacity and maintain good blood flow. In addition, physiotherapy in Edmonton South helps get you back to a normally active, healthy lifestyle.

Helps in diabetes management

Joint stiffness, back pain, or frozen shoulder can be easily observed in diabetic patients. Out of all these, stiff shoulders are the commonest if you have unbalanced sugar levels. In such cases, physiotherapy is of great help. Various modalities and exercises will help you regain shoulder mobility and maintain an active lifestyle.

Eases out your pregnancy journey

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. However, you might face various issues during this phase, like hormonal imbalance, mood fluctuations, or problems carrying out ADL. A reputed therapist will be the right one to connect with because they will help you with various sessions to ease your journey. Different strengthening exercises under the guidance of therapists help improve movements, maintain mood, and promise an easy delivery process.

How Much Does A Physiotherapy Session Cost In South Edmonton, Canada?

The cost of physiotherapy in South Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada varies depending upon the type of treatment, therapist expertise, and clinic. A 15-minute service costs you around $25, whereas a one-hour physical therapy session will cost you approximately $95 to $130. The one-hour massage session will cost you around $60, whereas if you take an electrical stimulator, the price might go up from $200 to $500 per hour.


It is essential to consider a reputable and skilled physical therapist when looking for such services. Physical therapists have undergone rigorous training and are experts in assisting people in recovering from their injuries. They can provide the individualized attention and guidance needed to return to pre-injury functionality. If you are injured and seek professional help, select a therapist with the proper credentials and experience.