What Makes A Perfect Dispensary Experience For CBD Buyers

The popularity of CBD as a wellness aid surged after the legalization of cannabis in several states. The pandemic did the rest as countless people embraced it to deal with their physical and mental woes amid the lockdowns. While doorstep delivery was the way to shop back then, dispensaries are now gaining on foot traffic again. As customers are back in stores, it is time to ramp up their experience for the better. Retailers need to understand the factors that make a perfect dispensary experience for CBD buyers and embrace them sooner than later. Here are a few measures worth implementing.

Invest in aesthetic

After the e-commerce fatigue, buyers look for pleasing in-store experiences. Having an eye-pleasing dispensary design is an excellent way to attract them and give them reasons to return. It is an apt time to reinvent the look of your dispensary with a decor makeover that matches the current retail trends. While doing so, remember to implement social distancing in the store layout because the virus is still here.

Have knowledgeable staff on board

Although CBD is validated and trusted as a wellness aid, new consumers have some doubts about the products. They may worry about getting high, though the cannabinoid is non-psychoactive. Expect questions about product types, dosage, precautions, and CBD storage. Having someone to address these doubts and queries makes your dispensary experience better. Buyers expect education, so provide it by bringing knowledgeable and friendly staff members on board.

Offer convenient buying options

Retail buyers look for convenience while shopping and this factor can single-handedly make your dispensary better than the competitors. Facilitate in-store, e-commerce, and curbside pickup models to cater to diverse expectations. You must have a universal dispensary payments system that works for all three models. Embracing a POS solution is the best option as it gives flexibility to the buyers and streamlines the inventory and sales reporting system for the business.

Ensure safety for in-store buyers

Safety remains the top concern for CBD retail buyers as getting infected by the coronavirus is still a possibility. Besides ensuring social distancing, you can implement other measures to prevent crowding on the floor. Self-service kiosks, queue management with a POS facility, and dedicated consultation booths are a few steps to enhance in-store safety for shoppers. Going the extra mile can get loyal customers because it shows you care for their safety.

Cater a variety of CBD products

This one is a no-brainer because buyers wish to try every form of CBD under the sun. Besides the basics like vapes and tinctures, stock up on edibles and concentrates to provide variety in your product range. Follow the latest trends like CBD skincare and infused drinks to keep pace with consumer demand. But ensure you have a robust inventory management system to handle the product variety and monitor high-demand items.

A perfect CBD dispensary experience is the key to success in the retail space. It empowers your business with customer retention and competitive advantage. Implement these simple measures to give the best to your customers.

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