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Hello! For health bloggers and writers, the buddysupplement.com community is open for writers and new health brands to get their posts live on our platform and Write for us.   

Our platform is all about health, wellness, supplements, and growing. Seeking stories, news, and other articles related to health. This is great, isn’t it? correct!! It is now an online era where everyone wants to reach a targeted audience, and if you have a health niche then you have the BuddySupplement.

Therefore, we offer an excellent opportunity for writers or companies to gain exposure and an avenue to tell their stories or their content. We invite you to submit your unique content to our prestigious website at a reasonable cost. Yes, quality is required in the content and this is our top rule for guest posting, we won’t sacrifice it.

What does Buddy Supplement publish?

Well, our name is stating everything about what we publish. We focus on health stories as well as supplement information and news related to health. We are seeking writers or authors who are able to write for us, and we are able to publish original content.

  • Health News
  • Stories
  • Supplements information
  • Reviews 
  • Home Remedies
  • Even CBD posts

Points keep in mind while “write for us”?

Unique and plagiarism-free Content that is original.

People are always looking for new stories and health and wellness posts because we all know health is wealth.

The unique and original articles make reading more enjoyable and enthralling. Therefore, we’re always searching for unique and quality content.

This is the reason we distinguish ourselves from other health websites. If you’ve got ideas tips for health or a story or your experience with a supplement that you want to share, start writing for us and share with us.

Easy to read, and boost excitement

At first, you may think to begin with a broad and broad idea for content such as, ” The science behind weight loss and “. However, in the majority of cases, the content that is easy to read and focus on works the most effectively. Because they are concise and useful content that draws more viewers.

For example “7 Tips for a healthy lifestyle” or ” Home Remedies for skin care Content should force readers to continue reading and search for more details.

Write Real Stories 

The most popular way to get quality in your content is a real story from people that offers valuable advice to others. Keep it real and Simple, Authentic, and engaging. The fails, advice and suggestions can be easily understood through illustrations, and readers will be able to connect to them.

Publish sponsored post

Yes, we take sponsored posts and offer them at an affordable price from businesses who wish to boost their reach and also provide great content. Be aware that this isn’t an advertising cost for your company, but aids in building a solid image in the eyes of our readers.   

We take guest posts that are paid. The sponsored posts service of buddy supplement comes at good prices. For more information

We can be reached by filling out the contact form at bottom of this page.

What are we not publishing?

  • Already published Content on our website

We don’t take that guest posts which have already appeared on our site. Even if you have made some modifications to the article. We only allow Unique as well as Original content.

  • Plagiarized Content

We will allow only original not copied content on our site. It is a grave breach of our policy.

  • Inaccurate information

You must not use false data or facts in your article. You have to provide appropriate citations, and credits and reference the source used in the piece. Always use trustworthy sources of information, such as authoritative websites or sources, and credit in accordance with the source.

  • Use of copyrighted Pics/images

It is not permitted to incorporate an image or photo in your post prior to the submission due to copyright concerns We do not permit this and, if necessary, we’ll add it.

Guidelines for Article Submission

  • We recommend submitting your article that you have “Write for Us” in a doc file.
  • Word Cap: We will only allow articles that have at least 500 words.
  • Subheading formatting: Provide appropriate titles H1, H2, and all tags if required.
  • To Add Links: Only 1-2 external hyperlinks allowed
  • Plag-free: 100% plagiarism-free (checked from 1text.com or Copyscape)
  • Author: You can add your personal photograph as well as a short biography of the author.
  • A small Summary: Provide a brief summary of the content.
  • Approval time: As it’s a sponsored article or Post we notify you by email within 1-2 business days.

If all goes as planned and everything is in order, we will release your article within the next week and we will send you the live link to your article.

Who do we permit the publication?

We only allow freelance writers, Professional Writers, and real users of the supplement. We favor content written by Bloggers, health experts, and news reporters.

What does Guest Posting, also known as “write for us” all about? And what are the advantages?

Guest posting or Writing for us are the same things, in simple terms is a way of writing content for a website of another company website. A lot of websites allow and invite authors to guest post or write sponsored posts. Even this also comes in a page for guest posts called “write for us”. In the majority of situations, writers or guest bloggers visit websites in the same field or niche in order to gain access to

  • High ranking on search engines
  • Drive traffic from a related niche. 
  • The authority of websites is increased
  • Boost the Brand reach and Visibility
  • As well as help to make links within the same niche.

These help guest bloggers get exposure and increase their website ranking.

What makes guest posting essential for your company?

“Write for us” or guest blogging is one of the most well-known Seo methods that all website owners and companies are using to boost their traffic and ranking. 

  • It is the best way to drive quality to your website.
  • Boost the website awareness and brand name.
  • Give the Backlink, which is the best off-page technique.
  • Increase your reach in your industry and enhance the authority of your website. 
  • Increase the EAT of the website

What are you waiting to do? Write For Us Now.

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